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Symbol of breaking, of severing the ties that keep us dependent on someone or something (habits, customs, etc).

The axe indicates a difficult struggle, as this break is made with a fuss, causing discord and pain.

But it frees us from the bitterness in our soul and the destructive tensions within us.

We need to have the will to break up for good and the strength to free ourselves without looking back.

If we use an axe in our dreams, it means we will cause a break-up.

Chopping down trees from the valley to the hill indicates an evolutionary effort in a temporary separation. Cutting them from hill to valley shows destructive behavior leading to a definitive separation.

If we “dig up the hatchet of war” in the dream, it means we must prepare for battle. It is about fighting our own weakness in the face of another.

If we dream of “burying the hatchet of war”, then it means that our struggle has ceased, for we have succeeded in breaking away from our state of dependency.

The dream of an axe is associated with anger and aggression.

The main use of an axe, is to chop firewood.

It has a steel blade and a wooden handle.

In most cases it is normally used as a symbol of separation and threat.

This implies that if you see it in your dream, there is a possibility that there is a threat to your life, which you need to take precautions to prevent.

Psychological significance

The axe in a dream represents your deepest emotions, hidden anger or fear.

In other words, it symbolizes the emotional state of the person.

Remember that an axe can be used as a tool or a weapon.

The spiritual meaning of this symbol represents strong intuition and sharp focus. The sharper the axe in the dream, the stronger the person’s intuition in waking life.

Your dream could represent a warning.

Are you going against your instincts about something that is important to you?

Maybe your gut is telling you to do something in life, but your mind is forcing you to do the opposite. The message of such a dream is to follow your instincts.

The dream of an axe may also denote your desire to cut through the negativity around you. Or to be somewhat disconnected from someone who is taking away all your positive energy.

Try to manage larger issues in a more manageable dimension.

According to Freud, dreaming of an axe represents a sexual desire and a desire to control your partner.

Although it makes no sense, this is an erotic dream and reveals your desire to be dominant in bed.

Danger turns you on and you like the taste of adventure. The axe represents your wild sexual nature.

What is the dream interpretation of an axe?

The act of beheading in your dream with an axe is normally considered rather barbaric. Seeing this in the dream is worrying for the dreamer.

Seeing the axe swinging in your dream is associated with loss. The event of beheading – using an axe suggests that you will encounter some aggression in your life.

Chopping off a head with an axe in the dream state is related to inner aggression. Try to find out why you are angry.

A limb being chopped off with an axe is associated with helping others.

Seeing others or yourself hitting yourself with an axe is associated with your own actions in life.

Perhaps you need to go back to nature to understand what you need in life.

Having the axe used to decapitate someone in a dream is also related to a problem in waking life.

To see someone putting their neck on a guillotine denotes that there is something you have seen in your waking life that has been troubling you. This may also suggest possible illness. In some dream dictionaries, the axe is related to being angry and hostile.

The axe used to chop off someone’s head indicates that you need to use your better judgment.

To use an axe to chop wood suggests unexpected events in life.

Because the axe is sharp, it may suggest that you need to “chop” difficult people in your life. So if you happen to see yourself holding an axe in your dream, it suggests that you are facing more threats in your life, which could come from new friends you have met or new relationships you have just started.

You need to take precautions, assess people’s ‘intentions’ and get to know those people you can trust.

Seeing an axe in a shop or buying one – means fake people.

If you decide to keep a relationship with others, this can cause chaos later. Move forward in life. Before this happens, make sure you have a peaceful life and trust others.

A symbol of the power of light. The battle-axe has a significance which is equivalent to that of the sword, the hammer and the cross. But much more important and complex is the significance of the twin-bladed axe, related to the sign tau. This double-headed axe is to be found in a host of works of art from India to England, and specially in the Mediterranean countries—in Africa and Crete. Very often it is located over the head of an ox, just between its horns, when it comes to symbolize on the one hand the mandorla (related to horns because of its shape), and, on the other, the function of sacrifice in the relationship between the valley-symbol and the mountain-symbol (that is, between earth and heaven).

According to Luc Benoist, this twin-bladed axe is the same as the Hindu vajra and Jove’s thunderbolt, becoming, therefore, a symbol of celestial illumination. Nowadays the double-bladed axe (the labrys) is associated with the labyrinth, both being symbols in the Cretan cult. The labyrinth denotes the world of existence—the pilgrimage in quest of the ‘Centre’ .

In some paintings in Crete, such as that on a sarcophagus from Hagia Triada, we see a symbol made up of a cone, a double-bladed axe and a bird. The cone alludes to the deity; the axe, like all things dual, is an aspect of the Gemini, that is, of the focal-point of symbolic Inversion; the bird has been recognized as an image of the human soul ever since the time of the Egyptians (Waldemar Fenn). The axe is also symbolic of death ordered by a deity.

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  1. The Dream Encyclopedia 21 March 2022 at 4:18

    Axes have a complex range of meanings. Their meaning must be determined from the larger context of any particular dream.

    Axes are symbols of execution (beheading), and can therefore represent anxieties about being punished or killed. We also speak about being “axed” from our position of employment (job anxiety). In ancient times, axes were made from meteorites, and they were associated with the divinities of the sky and the power expressed by rain (fertility), thunder (power), and lightning (illumination).

    In the hands of the dreamer, axes are thus symbols of personal power; how they are utilized shows how the individual is using or misusing his or her power.

  2. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke 3 April 2022 at 13:56

    This is a symbol of power and authority. Dreams in which a axe appears reflect a latent aggressiveness that comes out in primitive acts. Scenes in which the axe is the protagonist manifest sickness and a lack of control of the senses. They can announce an encounter with someone conflictive and even fights that threaten the stability of your familial relationships.
    An axe that is used to cut firewood can express that you need to divide a problem into small parts to resolve it better. To cut down a tree, however, means that you are getting rid of old things so new ones can emerge.

    Apart from warning about some danger, this dream has different popular interpretations.
    If the blade of the axe is shiny, you will receive a pleasing reward.

    If the opposite is true, you will lose prestige. Equally, an axe foretells that soon you will have news from friends. Finally, for a woman, this dream augurs that she will find the man of her dreams but she will be forced to live in poverty.

  3. Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson 16 April 2022 at 16:16

    Who uses an axe anymore? You do, and here’s why. 

    Chopping wood with an axe means you have hard work to do and you need to do it yourself. 
    Attacking someone with an axe means you need to get inside a relationship situation or you won’t ever understand it. 
    If someone attacks you with an axe, you feel vulnerable and fear someone sees more about you than makes you comfortable.

  4. The Complete Dream Book » Gillian Holloway 17 July 2022 at 8:08

    A keen, serviceable axe indicate, that your lover, husband or wife will be worthy.
    A much battered, nicked, rusty or broken axe foretells irresponsibility on the part of loved ones; also unfortunate investments.

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